Otzki Surf

Otzki Surf 

Passion To The Ride Innovative In Design.

Only the meticulous and exacting hand of a true craftsman can deliver the design details and high level of finish that we demand, creating a quality that is simply not possible by any other means.

Otzki knows how to listen to riders.  To create a board fit for Kelly Slater full of excitement with the speed and quick direction changes provided by this handcrafted design that holds the intrigue.  Applying the interest in CAD board design, modifying variables, and testing and retesting has lead to the development of an incredible series of Otzki tailored performance wake-surfboards for The Surfing Community.

Otzki Surf is all about pushing the envelope in wake-surfboard design AND materials.   Otzki Shapes Technology (OST) has been an integral part of the only alternative surfboard technology that has won multiple Tour events,  being enjoyed by surfers all around the world

The Otzki Expanded lifespan beyond traditional materials that many will come to expect from OST, in addition to the gentle compression beneath your feet that others love about OLFT.  We used the lightest foam we have to make Heliome, combined with a progressive 3 stage-crafted rail. It’s all wrapped in a deck skin material we’re introducing as a first in wake-surfing.


(Otzki Linear Flex Technology) Paulownia Deckskin - LFT representing the next generation wake-surf design.